Stage Trailer Dimensions

As Trailer: 8.2m Length, 2.54m Width, 3.7m Height


As Stage: 6.8m Width, 6.3m Depth, 4.6m Height


There is 42sq m of stage surface


The great advantage of the Stagemobil L lies in the quick and simple handling. It can be erected in 30 minutes although we advise an hour to include correct positioning.



Stage Trailer

Dimensions when set up

6.8m Width

6.3m Depth

4.6m Height

3.5m Clearance

Height of stage floor 1m

Floor capacity 350kg per m2

Roof capacity 350 kg

Stage floor slip proof, water proof

Chassis and Frame Hot-dip galvenised steel

Awning and curtains - B1 Flame Resistant

Full Public Liability Insurance

Towed on site by a 4 by 4

1 hour set up

PA Wings are available if required. Each PA wing has a 350kg weight capacity.

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